About Us

Casa Benedetto's proudly continues our traditions of fresh authentic Sicilian cuisine prepared from scratch that we learned to appreciate growing up in the warm environment of a large Italian family. Many pleasant hours went by in Grandma's kitchen helping to ready the huge holiday feasts we fondly remember. Rice balls, braisole, manicotti, pasta fagioli, escarole & beans, and clam sauce over linguini made from freshly shucked clams are just a few of our favorite dishes served at Casa Benedetto's.

Our homemade desserts come from the original recipes used in the bakery Grandpa Benedetto & Grandma Maria owned in Brooklyn.

Tiramisu, cheesecake, cannolis, Italian cookies & biscotti are available by order. Holiday specialties like struffla, cream puffs & ricotta grain pie continue to bring joy to many customers who are familiar with these hard to find items.

At Casa Benedetto's we strive to make each guest's visit memorable. We love to take requests for special dishes which are not on the menu, and cater to special dietary needs. As we prepare our food to order we can adjust seasoning, make dishes meat-free for vegetarians, and even have whole grain gluten-free pasta and spiralized zucchini available.

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